My name is Roushi.  I was born in Japan.  I grew up in Tatebayashi Gunma Prefecture.  He has been interested in painting and music since he was a child and has made many achievements in exhibitions and piano recitals He is also good at sports. And once ranked 6th nationally in swimming.I became a hip-hop DJ when I was in junior high school. And became a rapper in high school.enriching myself with street culture and art activities.In 1998. I discovered psychedelic trance fell in love with it. And started composing.  And I have devoted myself to many activities such as live performances and DJ activities.

From the age of 27 to the age of 31 I go through a big mental change.  I still can’t define what happened.But perhaps it created a disconnect between my parents ideal of me and my true nature.  My parents didn’t want me to become an artist.  I wanted an excellent member of society.  I wanted to be an artist. and I was by nature an artist.  It was very difficult to create a work while forcibly accepting my parents’ ideals.

Finally.I was so stressed that I could not leave my house or contact my friends for four years between the ages of 27 and 31. I am withdrawn. At first. it was a very chaotic spiritual world. Paranoia and fatigue left me unable to do anything, and I could hardly breathe. Before I knew it, my mind and body had been manipulated by social norms and ideological norms. The way of life in a society that didn’t suit me had been eating away at my body for a long time, and had taken away my strength to live.

For a long time. I struggled in a spiral of thought, but as time passed. The fog lifted and I realized that I didn’t need to be bound by society’s values.  who am i?  The moment I thought so. I was returned to zero.  The false ego that has been built up until now has been initialized.  And the world is pure white.  A single drop of water created beautiful ripples on the lake.  That’s when I decided to find myself again.

Then. at the age of 32. He moved to Tokyo to rebuild himself. After my ego was initialized. I began to see many worlds that I had never seen before in the space inside my head. A strange world that does not exist in this world. is this what i see? Are you being shown something? The world of it seems to be governed by a different law from that of this world. In order to embody them. I decided to use art to convert them and let everyone feel them. And here we are.